WebCash is a Handcash API powered Point Of Sale web app that is platform agnostic.

As a web app, you can have this on your iOS, Android, Windows or other device, and easily accept payments from customers. This app works as a point of sale device (POS). Before you begin using this app, it is recommended that you have a Handcash handle. You can get a handcash handle by installing the Handcash app. - If you don't have a handcash handle, you can still use the app by using a public Bitcoin address.

To install:

  1. On your tablet/mobile device, Open https://www.bsvdevs.com/webcash
  2. Set up your $handle by clicking the profile icon. (Alternatively, you can enter your bitcoin address).
  3. Select the local currency, by clicking the dollar sign icon.
  4. From your browser's menu, select "Add to Home Screen".

WebCash will now be available for selection like any other app, with your profile and local currency options saved.

For desktop computers, you can simply save it as a bookmark or shortcut.

The middle button should be pressed each time you like to initiate a new transaction.

WebCash listens for payments using _unwriter's genesis websocket, and will notify the user when payment is made.


DEV Information

You can easily push payment details to the app by specifying the parameters in the URI.

For example: 


You can pass these parameters to generate payment screen quite easily. Remember you can pass Bitcoin addresses too instead of handles.



POP by Handcash does all of this, but for the time being it is available on Android only. Apple, also take quite a long time before approving apps to their store, and so we figure why not create a solution that works irrespective of platform so that iOS and Windows and Linux can enjoy too.


Upcoming changes:

- User interface improvements.

- Receipts for payments

- More parameter options (ie label, messages etc).