A Metanet Query Engine, version 2
It is a Planaria node which lets you run flexible queries into the global Metanet data structure that lives on Bitcoin.

Metanet is a simple protocol that lets you create virtual data structures on Bitcoin. By taking the form of a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) it lets you build any typical data structure used in computer science.

  1. An array is a tree with a parent + its children represented in chronological/topological order.
  2. A map is a tree with a parent + its children, each of which is identified by a unique key.
  3. You can even invent your own data structure.

And it’s not just any data structure. It’s a data structure for storing, transferring, and authorizing real value. All this is natively powered by Bitcoin and can be programmatically operated with Bitcoin, in any way you can imagine.

Bitcoin + Metanet: The Most Efficient Programmable Data Ledger

Bitcoin is the most efficient data storage protocol, and Metanet is the most efficient data structure protocol which sits on top of it.