1. What is Metaglue

Metaglue is platform for building Metanet applications, it has a wallet layer that allows developers to build applications on Metanet with ease without even knowing what is Metanet.

2. What is Metaglue able to do

Metaglue allows developers build Metanet applications without having to build another wallet, which costs enormous amount of time and resource. Metanet allows users to store all their onchain data in a structured manner. Metaglue solution also allows developers to customize their payment button styles to ensure the button looks aligned with over all design language of the product.

3. Metaglue Why use Metaglue to develop Metanet applications.

Metaglue is the first and only wallet solution that enables developers to build Metanet applications in a fastest possible way with a lot less time and financial cost. Metaglue provides more control to developers to customize their payment experience, Metaglue solution comes with mobile wallet which allows users to access Metanet applications by scanning a qr code, ensuring security and providing an easy authorization solution for users at the same time.