0. What is bitFS?

bitFS is an autonomous file system constructed from Bitcoin transactions.

1. What gets stored to bitFS?

bitFS crawls the bitcoin blockchain to find and store all the bitcoin script pushdata chunks larger than 512 bytes.

Let's imagine the following Bitcoin script:

OP_0 OP_RETURN <1MB Image Buffer> OP_0 "Hello World"

In this case, bitFS will only store the image buffer chunk as a file. The rest will be ignored because they are either opcodes or smaller than than 512 bytes

SUMMARY: If you want to store your data on bitFS, make it larger than 512 bytes!

2. How does bitFS URI scheme work?

bitfs uses an intuitive bitcoin-native URI scheme to reference files, all the way down to each script chunk level.


For example, here's a bitFS URI:


The URI points to the data chunk at:

  1. Index 6 Pushdata
  2. of the Index 0 output script
  3. of The transaction 037af9073c8151486f987aa0a4a884af990875a26b700a6042580402b68fa9be